Heroes of the Colosseum

Meet the person behind the armor


A historical exhibition out of the ordinary

Welcome to the golden era of the Roman Empire! Join us on this journey to ancient Rome, experience historical battles and emotional life stories. For the first time ever, the Italian exhibition Gladiators – Heroes of the Colosseum will be held in Sweden, Jönköping. The exhibition is exciting and interactive and will teach you all about gladiatorial games, Colosseum and how it was to live in that era. It takes approximately two hours to finish and offers a variation of themes along the way. The gladiator Verus is the silver lining of the exhibition, he will guide you through his life story and tell you about his time as a gladiator in the arena.

Verus the gladiator

The exhibition will guide you through seven different rooms showing parts of the Roman Empire and the gladiators. Entering every new room, the gladiator Verus will tell you about his life story in the arena. Verus grew up as a slave in a smaller village near Rome. When he was 13 years old he was missioned to work for the empire in Rome. A few years later he got recruited as a gladiator and fought in the arena. Close to come is the biggest fight of his life in the Colosseum. Who will be his opponent, and who will survive? Find out in the exhibition.


Children ( age 0-6 )



Youth ( age 7-15 )

90 kr


Adult ( age 16-65 )

170 kr


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140 kr


Opening hours

08:00 - 19:00 Entry 08:00-18:00
21/4 - 12/8 Monday to Sunday


Kinnarps Arena, Hall D Huskvarnavägen 78, 555 54 Jönköping


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